do I have to complete 30 classes in 30 days?

nope. you can attend class as often or as seldom as you desire, however...

if you want to see results we recommend you come to class at least 3 times / week

if your goal is to get fit and win a ton of cool stuff - get those stretchy pants ready 7 days / week because that is how often we offer classes  

is it safe to attend pilates that often?

Yes. pilates is a one-of-a-kind MULTITASKING workout for mind and body. In each class you will challenge various muscle groups while focusing your mind, improving your balance, STRENGTHENING your core all the while keeping it low impact and low repetition workout. No muscle will be left behind. 

chose a different class throughout this challenge and mix it up every other day or every two days.  

am i able to attend class if i have an injury?

We ask you make it known to each instructor prior to starting class of any injury; or if you are recovering from one. All instructors are trained and certified to accommodate/assist you in case you have an injury by providing modifications to exercises in order for you to be safe and still participate in a class.

To ensure your safety we strongly recommend signing up for a private session in order to have an instructor assess your needs.

Please be aware each situation is assessed individually, each instructor will assess and advise on appropriate modifications and overall participation to guarantee your safety. 

How long is a class?

All group classes are 55 minutes*

*certain exceptions may apply. schedule will always reflect up to date class time length

how many spots are in a class?

Our Pilates equipment classes are able to accommodate 6 people total. Pilates Suspension Method / TRX classes are currently able to accommodate 10 students


do you offer showers or changing rooms?

We do not have changing rooms but you are welcome to change in our bathroom. We provide safe storage for your personal belongings while you are at the studio.

Even though we do not have showers at our location - keep in mind most of the workouts are low cardio.

If you need to freshen up after or prep before class, we provide necessities such as dry shampoo, deodorant, makeup remover, feminine hygiene products, hair ties and bobby pins, lotion, mouthwash, eyelash brushes, combs & hair brushes & more. Your comfort and fabulousness comes first! 


what is your late policy?

We strongly suggest arriving to class 10 minutes early

Please make sure to attend class no later THAN 10 minutes after scheduled start time. students that arrive 10 minutes into the class will not be allowed to attend class*

This policy insures minimum distractions to class and accommodates waitlisted clients after 10 minutes of tardiness

*some exceptions apply

what is your cancellation policy?

12-hour notice required for all cancellations on sessions and classes. cancellations within 12 hours will be charged a late-cancel fee of$15 (class)*

Failure to attend (no show / no call) a scheduled class/session will result in full charge for given class/session

Classes fill up quickly and we allow for a waitlist of clients in case of cancellations

Please be respectful of our staff and other guests  - cancel your reservation in a timely manner if you are unable to attend 

*private/duet session late-cancel fee $30

4820 East Hampden Avenue #104

Denver Colorado 80222