Meet Alli: Our Rockstar Pilates and TRX® Instructor


Alli is a comprehensively trained instructor through Balanced Body.

After graduating from Indiana University Alli moved to Denver continuing her rugby career with the Glendale Merlins. Her aim is to compete in the Women's Premier League; striving to play for the USA Eagles. Through Glendale, Alli became a Certified coach for the Raptors Youth Academy. 

Since 2010 Pilates has not solely complemented Alli’s athletic lifestyle the practice of Pilates significantly improved her athletic performance.

While working at the front desk of a Pilates Studio Alli observed same positive changes Pilates brought to others. It was clear people’s overall lives were improved with better posture, fitness endurance, and mental well-being. For Alli this was the defining moment to begin her path toward becoming a certified Pilates instructor.

Alli always aspires to grow continuing the practice of Pilates and teaching it to others, as there are always lessons to be learned. She wants to inspire such growth to everyone she works with.

Alli has recently become TRX® Qualified and earned her TRX® Group Training Certification.