What is The Powerhouse in Pilates?

The Powerhouse is the most important concept in Pilates. It is what gives you the stability, energy, strength and control as you advance in your Pilates practice. The Powerhouse range stretches from the bottom of your ribs to your hip line; this includes abdominal muscles, low back muscles, the pelvic floor, muscles around hips and glutes (your booty). 
All Pilates moves start in The Powerhouse - all Powerhouse muscles work as a team forming a strong corset around your trunk. Though each exercise in Pilates targets a specific group of muscles - Pilates is a full body workout as The Powerhouse stays constantly engaged.

The Powerhouse vs. Core

Don't be confused about a major difference between your core muscles and The Powerhouse. Core muscles are part of The Powerhouse and are used as stabilizers. However, core muscles are not big mover muscles like your glutes which require hip extension throughout powerful movements and assist in achieving neutral spine (posterior pelvic tilt).