Aqua Aerobics In The U.A.E.


My mom’s love for Aqua Aerobics started about 5 years ago while my parents were living in Hawaii. They’ve spent the last 4 years living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE and her passion for the full body, easy on your joints, workout has only grown! My sister and I are out here visiting and I HAD to get in on this! What I found was not only was it a tough yet super fun cardio workout, the community and the exercises reminded me A LOT of Pilates! 

Water Aerobics routines involve cardio and strength-training exercises that are typically performed on dry land, yet they are done in the safety of water: walking, jogging, jumping, rowing, etc. The equipment used in the pool includes: free weights, noodles, float belts and paddles.  The water provides more resistance, so your muscles are working harder in the pool to push than they do when you are performing land-based exercises. Trust me, it’s much harder than it looks! Where the similarities to Pilates comes in is the intense yet fun and feel good workout as well as the focus on your core, and the very minimal stress that is put on your joints. It is great for those who suffer from joint-related pain or are recovering from a joint injury or replacement surgery. 

The community also reminds me of our Pilates community at MVMT Room. My mom started going to Aqua Aerobics at the Dubai Ladies Club and in taking those classes, she has not only gotten in the best shape of her life, but she has also made the best friends and let me tell you, they are an incredible group of ladies! And in my opinion, that’s how your workout communities should be! A place where you feel great about yourself and where you are headed! A place that inspires and motivates you to be the best version of yourself, while making lifelong friends who have similar aspirations. Those who you can grab a cocktail or 5 with after an intense yet GREAT-FOR-YOU-workout!

This workout isn’t only found in warm climates, call your nearest community center or pool. There are plenty of places in Denver where you can find Aqua Aerobics classes! Trust me, you’ll love it and why not switch it up a bit!

Benefits of Aqua Aerobics:

1.    Build Strong Bones

2.    Good For Those With Low Back Pain

3.    Helps With Recovery After Joint Replacement Surgery  

4.    Strengthens And Tones Muscles … SAFELY

5. Burns Calories

6. Builds Community And Friendship

xo Jacqui