Terms and Conditions

Studio Basics

Arrive at least 10 minutes early to the studio

New students: arrive at least 15 minutes early to the studio for your first class and/or session

For the respect of our community we will no longer allow entry 5 minutes after scheduled class/session start time. no exceptions

Instructors and class types are subject to change without notice

Classes booking window closes 1.5 hours prior to class start

Whether you waitlist or book a class/session, we expect you to show up

All electronic devices are prohibited during class and must be turned off or placed on silent mode

Electronic devices must remain with your personal belongings by the entrance into the studio

Grip socks are required for safety and sanitary purposes. We carry a variety of choices available at the studio. You will need to purchase a pair of grip socks if you forgot yours

All sales are final; any purchases are not eligible for transfer, exchange, or refund. no exceptions

All students must check in upon arrival at the front desk

Transfers or splits of any remaining classes/sessions to other clients are not permitted

Expiration dates can not be extended on any package

We reserve the right to cancel any class with only 1 person 2 hours before class start; students have an option re-schedule for a different time or attend the class for an additional fee of $20

7:30AM & 8:00AM classes must be booked no later then 10PM the evening prior

Cancellation Policy

Canceling less than 12 hours prior to scheduled group class time is considered a "Late Cancel”

Canceling less than 24 hours prior to scheduled private/duet session time is considered a "Late Cancel”

If you Late Cancel, or No Show your class and/or session will be forfeited & applicable fees will be applied to your account (please refer to “Purchases & Fees” section)

2 courtesy cancels per calendar year per client

Purchases & Fees

All purchases are final and are not eligible for transfer/refund/exchange. no exceptions

Classes cancelled less than 12 hours are considered a “Late Cancel" and will incur a fee of $20

Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours are considered a “Late Cancel" and will incur a fee of $20

If you No Show to a group class or session a $25 fee will be charged to your account

Membership & Class Policy Updates

Stay for the entire class (this includes stretching!). If you have a special circumstance, let the instructor know before class starts and grab a reformer by the exit

All auto-pay memberships require a 3-month minimum commitment. memberships can be cancelled with a minimum of 30-day notice via email to info@mvmtroom.com or in person at the studio. no exceptions

We no longer offer unlimited memberships. Current clients with unlimited memberships will be contacted prior to membership expiration date to explore best pricing options


Rude or aggressive behavior and words towards MVMT Room staff member or student in our community will not be tolerated and may result in termination of membership or suspension from studio

If you must attend to an emergency please make sure to notify your instructor prior to to class start; quietly excuses yourself and step outside the studio area