We provide the education, coaching and training for you to explore your body through new fitness experiences. TRX® Pilates Suspension exercises will challenge you to do more you think you are capable of (because YOU are #betenacious).

We curated a blend of foundational TRX® exercises in combination with Pilates-based exercises modified for the TRX® Suspension Trainer. Each exercise is guaranteed to increase your flexibility, tone and strengthen your body by incorporating the TRX® Suspension Trainer. 

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about Suspension Fitness

  • "One piece of equipment, unlimited possibilities"
  • Exercises are performed using a TRX® Suspension Trainer
  • During each suspension fitness exercise you will develop strength, balance, and core stability. Combined together with Pilates you will achieve remarkable mind & body transformation
  • During each exercise our goal is to teach you how to “find and focus on the movement” and correctly cue part(s) of body to be stable + part(s) of body to be mobile
  • Conditions of the Suspension Trainer change as needed to effectively work with your experience and skill level
  • We appropriately identify your individual level of difficulty, work toward progression but NEVER compromise form or technique in the process


All exercises are performed using the TRX® Suspension Trainer. The Suspension Trainer is anchored from the ceiling (by a single anchor) “that research has shown, requires a significantly higher level of core activation”. Instability of the Suspension Trainer also forces intuitive and immediate self-correction.
The Suspension Trainer has a “locking loop” at its center controlling instability providing you with safety. TRX® Suspension Trainer provides a scalable exercise program. The program allows us to properly identify your individual limitations around strength, range of motion and properly guide you in your routine.

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